School Day

[*School is open from 8am, there is a breakfast club in the dining area. Breakfast items may be purchased.]

*During the current pandemic, the school gates open at 8.15 am. Pupils are asked to go immediately to their tutor rooms.

Time Period
8:20am Start of School Day
8:30am Collective Worship / Registration
9:00am Period 1 (All Pupils)
10:00am Period 2 (All Pupils)
11:00am Break (All Pupils)
11:15am Period 3 (All Pupils)
12:15pm Period 4 (Years 7, 9) | Lunch (Years 8, 10, 11)
1:00pm Period 4 (Years 8, 10, 11)
1:15pm Lunch (Year 7, 9)
2:00pm Period 5 (All Pupils)
3:00pm End of School Day