Year 9 Options

A Message from the Headteacher

You are preparing for your last two years at Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy, and need to make some important choices. You are being asked to choose the subjects you study over the next two years. How well you do in these subjects, and your core subjects, will determine the opportunities available to you, once you leave Ian Ramsey Academy.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum being offered at Ian Ramsey CE Academy is responding to national changes in education.  New GCSEs are more demanding and have greater content and we are structuring our curriculum to support you to reach you full potential.

The Options process will be completed online using SIMS Options Online. All of the information you need, including the Options booklet and information videos, are available here on this page. Information regarding how you complete the Options process will be sent to you through Google Classroom. Mr. Nicholson has also produced a video demonstrating how to use the system.

There are important people to talk to before you make up your mind.  Your teachers and parents can give you advice about the right subjects for you. Your friends are important people too, but choosing subjects they are good at is not the right choices for you! 

Please listen to the advice you are given, you may find that another course offered may be more suitable for you.

As a Church of England Academy, all pupils will follow a GCSE course in Religious Education. As a former Language College, you have opportunities in Modern Foreign Languages that other schools do not offer.

I believe Ian Ramsey Academy offers you an excellent choice of options to meet everyone’s needs.  We will try our best to meet your needs.  Remember, choose carefully and ask if you have any questions about the process or about individual subjects.

The deadline for completed option choices is 5th February.

If you have any questions with regards to the options process please contact your form tutor or your Head of Year Miss Twomey: Send a Message to Miss Twomey

If you have any technical issues/questions please contact Mr. Nicholson, Assistant Headteacher: Send a Message to Mr Nicholson

Think carefully about your future.

Watch the Introduction Video


Options Booklet [PDF]
Watch The Options Evening Presentation 
Read the step by step guide [PDF] or Watch the Video
Careers Service – GCSE Subject Choices Advice
Options System (Login with your school Google account)


Options Videos:  

Business Studies
Computer Science
Creative iMedia
Design Technology: Graphics
Design Technology: Product Design
Food Preparation and Nutrition
Health and Social Care
Media Studies
Modern Foreign Languages
GCSE Music
BTEC Music
Sports Science
Triple Science
Core Subjects