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Bedrock Vocabulary is a digital literacy and vocabulary curriculum designed for pupils of all abilities in KS2, KS3 and GCSE (Years 3-11). Bedrock also includes GCSE Literature schemes includes a growing range of units to support learning of specific texts and terms for KS4 pupils. As a learning resource, Bedrock enables pupils to learn independently and get immediate feedback – meaning that they are ideal for setting as homework or to support our strategy for remote and blended learning, as well as classroom learning. Bedrock Vocabulary uses adaptive technology that adjusts to suit each pupil to ensure they maximise progress.

Teacher and parents are able to track the usage and progress of each pupil and immediately identify ideas that need additional support in class.

Pupils can view their progress themselves in their account, which shows their scores for each topic as well as a knowledge organiser that shows words they have learned and are still learning, together with a record of certificates they have earned.

Parents find it easy to keep informed about their child’s progress at word-level detail – and embed their new knowledge during family conversations – via weekly emails that can be set up for free as part of each pupil account.

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