Ian Ramsey CE Academy Dedicated Transport Provision

Ian Ramsey CE Academy provides transport for those pupils who live in outlying villages without other options for home to school transport (this is a chargeable service, if you qualify for free transport, please see below). 

We provide a direct service to the following areas:

  • The Woods, Wynyard
  • Stillington
  • Carlton
  • Redmarshall
  • Thorpe Thewles
  • Norton

The contract will be provided by M&D Coaches, but the agreement for travel will remain between parents/carers and the school. The total cost of the transport will be transferred to parents/carers and Ian Ramsey CE Academy will not make any profit, nor incur any charge applicable to this service. Please see ‘Charging and Remission’ section of the Transport Policy (below). 

All applications for places on Ian Ramsey Home to School transport will be assessed by us and an assumption about the award of seats on the bus should not be made until all relevant paperwork has been completed and notification of a place has been received in writing.  

Allocation of places is subject to charges which are outlined in our Transport Policy (below).  If you would like to book a seat for your child, please complete the forms (below).

If you require any further information, please Contact Us

Home to School Transport Policy

Appendix 1 – Home to School Transport Behaviour Agreement

Appendix 2 – Medical Risk Assessment Statement

Appendix 3 – Home to School Transport Application Form

Appendix 4 – Coach Timetable

Local Authority Free Transport Provision

Stockton Borough Council is required to provide free home to school transport, under certain conditions. The Community Transport Service is responsible for the management of Home to School transport for children who qualify for free transport from mainstream and special education needs from primary school age up to 19 years old.

“Under the policy, the Council will no longer provide free transport to children whose parents have chosen to send them to a school which is not their nearest suitable school, including cases where parents have chosen a faith school or academy’’.

Stockton Borough Council does not provide an option to purchase concessionary seats on their school transport vehicles. 

If you think you may qualify for free transport from the Local Authority, please see Stockton Borough Council’s webpage on how to apply here: