SEND Curriculum

SEND pupils access a full and ambitious curriculum to ensure they are supported to improves their progress, physical health, emotional well-being and safeguarding. Adaptations are made to the curriculum to provide specialist support for targeted pupils to enhance their learning experience. We recognise that all pupils are entitled to a quality of provision that will enable them to achieve their potential. We believe in positive intervention, removing barriers to learning, raising expectations and levels of achievement and working in partnership with other agencies in order to provide a positive educational experience for all our pupils including those with SEND.


SEND and the CURRICULUMDEEP Curriculum Overview

To ensure SEND pupils can assess learning aligned with our DEEP curriculum pupils identified during transition are taught in a Nurture Group in Year 7. This group is kept together in Year 8 and 9 to enable targeted teaching underpinned by key reading and literacy skills. In Year 9, identified individuals access TRIBE, a group that supports pupils development of social and emotional development. In addition, during the options process, pupils are identified who would benefit from accessing our ASPIRE Group, where pupils develop their communication, confidence and interaction skills through programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh and Sports Leaders in Year 10 and 11. These are all supported by a range of interventions to support academic, social and emotional needs as identified.