Items listed below as “Academy…” are only available for purchase from Elizabeth’s Embroidery. We recommend that you put your child’s name in all items of uniform and PE kit.


Compulsory Uniform 

  • Academy blazer with badge 
  • Academy four button pleated kilt (must reach below the knee) or
  • Academy pinafore (must reach below the knee) or 
  • Charcoal grey trousers (not black and no leggings or jeggings) 
  • Either; White collared shirt and academy tie or Academy blouse with logo on the collar 

Optional Uniform 

  • Academy knitted jumper 
  • Academy knitted tank top
  • Academy knitted cardigan

Shoes Only plain black leather or leather-look shoes are allowed to be worn with the uniform. No trainers, boots, pumps or canvas/fabric/suede shoes will be allowed. Fashion shoes or trainers such as Ted Baker/Nike/Vivienne Westwood are not appropriate.  


  • A suitable outdoor coat should be worn to and from the Academy (denim and leather jackets are not permitted). 
  • Jewellery – One pair of small plain ear studs in the earlobeand a plain watch only. For health and safety reasons, no other body piercing is permitted. Rings and bracelets of any type are not allowed. 
  • Jewellery cannot be worn in PE lessons. This includes recently pierced ears (it is not acceptable to cover them with plasters). If you are getting your ears pierced, we recommend you have this done at the start of the summer holiday, and not during term time.
  • The following are NOT allowed; tattooed eyebrows, nail varnish, acrylic nails, false eyelashes, tattoos and fake tan. 
  • Years 9-11 are allowed minimal foundationbut excessive make-up, such as eyeliner, mascara, coloured-in eyebrows, blusher, bronzer, toner, contouring, highlighter etc. should not be worn. Pupils will be expected to remove any of the above.  
  • Any make-up brought into the academy will be confiscatedand parents will be asked to collect it. 
  • Years 7 and 8 are not allowed to wear any make-up to school

Hair Styles 

  • Non-natural hair colours are not allowed. Hair styles/eyebrows must not have any lines and/or patterns. No extreme hair styles. 
  • Oversized and brightly coloured hair accessories are not allowed, and pupils will be asked to remove them. 
  • Head scarves must be plain navy blue or black. 
  • Skin fades are allowed, but should not be extreme 


PE Uniform 

Compulsory Uniform 

  • Academy polo shirt, socks, trainers, football boots and shin pads.
  • Or Academy rugby shirt, polo shirt, shorts, socks, trainers, football boots, shin pads 


Optional Uniform 

  • Base layer, academy tracksuit bottoms or plain navy (no large logos) tracksuit bottoms, academy leggings or plain navy sports leggings (they must not be thin and see through), Academy hoody and sports jacket



Lockers will be issued in the first half term. The lockers will be used to support our non-mobile phone policy as a secure place to store mobile phones and Bluetooth devices during the day, in addition to storing Chromebooks, exercise books, PE kits and outdoor coats.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be be switched off and placed in the child’s locker at the start of the day. If a mobile phone is visible, it will be confiscated. Any mobile phone which is confiscated will be available for pupils to collect at the end of the school day. We do not allow the use of mobile devices in school. In the case of emergency and you need to contact your child during the school day, please ring our switchboard and we can pass on a message. This also avoids children needing to look at their phone during the school day, which could lead to a sanction.