Ian Ramsey CE Academy is committed to demonstrating the love that God has for each person. We value the uniqueness of each individual and the positive contribution that each member of our community can make by putting Christian values into practice. Through living our values, we help pupils to discover what Jesus Christ’s promise of ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10) might look like. We are committed to the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of all our members of our community.

Cydney Nugent is the chaplain at Ian Ramsey CE Academy, as well as being the Youth Missional Pastor leading the Youth Team at Stockton Parish Church. She is originally from Stockton and is enthusiastic about helping young people find and grow their faith in Jesus. Cyd is here to support all staff, pupils, parents, governors, and the community whom we serve, regardless of the faith or belief of those groups and individuals.

In her role, Cyd works with members of our school community, as well as members of our local churches and Durham Diocese. Cyd is invaluble in the work she does to support and guide all within Ian Ramsey CE Academy, and the wider community. Her roles includes:

  • Supporting the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of pupils and staff.
  • Offering opportunities to worship and to explore the Christian faith.
  • Finding ways to encourage creativity, curiosity and ‘poetic imagination’ as ways to find what’s meaningful and spiritually rewarding in our lives.
  • Supporting those in established faith journeys to grow and develop their spiritual life.
  • Offering prayer and spiritual guidance to groups and individuals.
  • Supporting the academy as a place where staff and pupils feel cared for and safe.
  • Building a bridge between the academy and church, and between the academy and the wider community, including other denominations and faith communities.

You can contact Cyd via our contact page or the ‘Contact Cydney’ page on Stockton Parish Church’s website.