History aims to equip pupils with both powerful knowledge and the skills to become well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum is structured to nurture a love of history through the developing depth of knowledge alongside the development of key disciplinary skills. History helps pupils to make sense of the world we live in today through examining the complexities of people’s lives, the process of change over time and the diversity of past societies. It allows pupils to understand their own identities and heritage and the challenges they are faced with today.


DEEP Curriculum Overview

Pupils study a variety of different topics to develop historical skills. In line with our DEEP curriculum. Using a chronological framework to look at local, British and world history pupils follow early migration to Britain and the Norman Conquest to the conflicts of the twentieth century through a 5-year curriculum. This enable retrieval and interleaving of teaching of key themes, interwoven throughout history. The focus of the curriculum is on substantive knowledge which, in turn, lets disciplinary knowledge to follow and develop over time. When the chronological narrative of the curriculum is broken away from this, it allows pupils to broaden their understanding of history over time and investigate how historical events can be interlinked.