Our music curriculum aims to ensure that the best subject knowledge content is selected, paced, and sequenced to match the development of our Pupil. Our learning experiences are designed to motivate, challenge, and engage pupils helping to make the music curriculum meaningful for all. Through our music curriculum every pupil can enjoy being an engaged listener, composer, interpreter, and communicator, making them more confident, more resilient, better communicators and discover their own personal self-expression and musical and creative identity.


DEEP Curriculum Overview

In line with our DEEP curriculum, the pupils follow a diverse programme of study in Music. At the heart of all lessons is a desire to express Music practically, but always reinforced with theoretical study. In lower school, Music is essentially a practical and creative subject which draws on a wide range of musical cultures, genres and traditions. Pupils are engaged in performing, composing and listening activities over a wide range of units which draw on co-operative learning, practical skills, independent study and creativity.  In Year 10 and 11, pupils have the opportunity to study either GCSE or BTEC Music.