Desert Island Books

Welcome to Ian Ramsey CE Academy’s ‘Desert Island Books’.  

Inspired by ‘Desert Island Discs’ on BBC Radio 4, our version gives you the ten books each teacher would want with them on a desert island, a brief synopsis of the book and the reason that the teacher picked that book.  

Dive in and see our favourites; and maybe pick up some inspiration for your own reading lists.  


(Warning – Some of these books contain adult themes and language and therefore may not be appropriate for younger readers.)


Bishop of Durham
Dr Leatherland
Miss Bolland
Miss Godfrey
Miss Graham
Miss Heslehurst
Miss Hogg
Miss Maddison
Miss Nicholson
Mr Burt
Mr Firth
Mr Hooker
Mr Lupton
Mr Nicholson
Mr Patrick
Mr Walters
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Booth
Mrs Chapman-Jones
Mrs Fenton Blades
Mrs Jevons
Mrs Kelly
Mrs McGurk
Mrs Moutrey
Mrs Poppleton
Ms Vernon (Assistant Director of Education for the Diocese)