Recommended Reading Lists Summer 2023

Welcome to our Reading Challenge. We have put together a grid full of suggestions to stimulate your reading. Use the grid and the sections below to help you to choose a book to read. If you want to, you could always complete tasks in order to enter one of our Reading Challenge competitions to win prizes.

Pupils, please select your year group to see a range of books that will support your reading. Parents, please select the parent page for your child’s year. This will provide you with books that follow the same themes as those your child(ren) is reading, but more age appropriate.

If you want to know more, click on one of the book covers to go to a Google search that will tell you more about the book.

To get more inspiration for your next read, try looking at our Desert Island Books recommendations.

If you have read a book you would like us to include in one of our reading lists, please click  Recommend a book and complete the quick form.

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