The subject ‘English’ cannot become a noun to describe a job because it is more than the content of the subject. English underpins every other subject. Without the skills that are the basis of English Language and Literature, pupils would not be able to access any other subject or the wider world around them. It is the basis for all learning and understanding. Pupils need to learn about English;  to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate ideas and opinions to others as well as learn about other peoples’ opinions through reading and listening. Through English, pupils develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and socially. They acquire knowledge and build on what they already know year-on-year. To support pupils’ learning in English, all learning is underpinned by the introduction, use of, and implementation of reading skills. Reading forms the bedrock of our curriculum to ensure pupils have the fundemental skills needed to succeed.

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DEEP Curriculum Overview

In our five-year DEEP English curriculum, pupils review and extend their own strategies for locating, appraising and extracting relevant information. They develop their ability to analyse the social, historical and cultural context, explaining their significance and relevance over time and learn to evaluate their own critical writing about texts. Pupils develop their ability to write for a range of purposes and audiences, producing both formal analytical responses as well as creative pieces.